How to import links from other URL shorteners?

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Learn how to import or transfer your shortened links from other URL shorteners to Linko.


If you are currently using any another link shortener and already have some short links, but you want to transfer them into Linko, then follow the below steps,

  1. Login to your account,
  2. Go to Import Links,
  3. Click on Choose File,
  4. Upload your CSV file,
  5. Select a platform domain or your branded domain,
  6. Then, select the Redirect type,
  7. Finally, click Import.

Import links

Import links

Import Link Format

You need to format the import file as CSV with the following structure. When creating the CSV file, you need to keep the header but the column name can be anything as long as their position is respected. If the custom alias is taken, the importer will generate a random alias.

CSV Format



longurl,alias,title,description,google,Google,Google search engine

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