How to customize social media link preview?

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Learn how to customize your social sharing preview at Linko.


What is a social media preview card?

A social media preview card (open graph meta tags and Twitter card) is a small display snippet that appears when a link is shared on social media, like Facebook, WhatsApp, X (Twitter), and/or LinkedIn.

It doesn't matter whether it is a short or long URL when a social sharing preview is already set for that link, the social media platforms will automatically display a snippet card for the shared link.

But, if the link doesn't have meta tags set up already or you want to add a custom/different meta tag only for social sharing preview, then you can do it without any hassle and technical guide.

How to customize social sharing previews at Linko?

Follow the below steps for adding custom mets tags for your short links,

  1. Login to your account,
  2. Paste your long URL,
  3. Click on the advanced icon,
  4. Again, click on the advanced button,
  5. Navigate to the Meta tags section,
  6. Select a custom Meta image/banner,
  7. Type your Meta title,
  8. Add your Meta description,
  9. Then, click on the shorten button.

Customize Meta Tags

Customize Meta Tags

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