What is a link note?

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Learn what is a link note and how to use it for better link management.


A link note can also be called a link tag or link description. But it also depends on which link shorteners prefer which names for this feature.

So, we call it a link note at Linko, but what does it do or how to use it?

Well, a link note is used to add a small description for each shortened link to manage and remember the link inside your account easily.

Therefore, we suggest you use link note to add a description for your short links so that you can understand what the link was about or where you used the link.

Follow the below instructions for adding a description to your links,

  1. Go to your account dashboard,
  2. Paste your link,
  3. Click on the advanced icon,
  4. Navigate to the link note,
  5. Add your description,
  6. Click on the shorten button.

Link Note

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