What is a custom alias (back-half)?

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Learn what is a custom alias and how to add a custom alias (back-half) while shortening a link.


Whether you call it an alias, back-half or slug. They all mean the same, but different link shorteners use different names on their websites.

So, when we type custom words instead of randomly generated words for a short link, it is called a Custom Alias.

But, why do we use a custom alias, is it important?

Yes, using a custom alias is strongly recommended for short links. Multiple reasons can emphasize the importance of a custom alias for short links.

  • Boosts brand awareness/visibility,
  • Can be managed and remembered easily,
  • Best for SEO,
  • Builds trust among users,
  • Attracts more traffic and clicks,
  • Less likely to look like a spam link,
  • And many more.

For example, which shortened link below looks cool and better and you will likely click on?

  • Short Link with Random Alias
  • Short Link with Custom Alias

How to add a custom alias to a short link?

Follow the below steps to add a custom alias to your short links,

  1. Go to the dashboard,
  2. Paste your long URL,
  3. Click on the advanced icon,
  4. Navigate to the custom alias,
  5. Add your custom words,
  6. Click on the shorten button.

Custom Alias

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