How to create a campaign at Linko?

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Learn what is a campaign and how to create one on your Linko account.


The campaign is a feature that is used for different/various purposes like,

  1. Link management,
  2. Link re-grouping,
  3. Aggregated statistics,
  4. Link-in-Bio, and
  5. Link rotator (random A/B testing).

By leveraging campaigns for these diverse use cases, you can enhance your link management capabilities significantly.

Follow these steps to create a campaign,

  1. Login to your account,
  2. Go to the campaign section,
  3. Click on Create a Campaign,
  4. Add a campaign name,
  5. Select your domain,
  6. Add a custom slug/alias for the rotator, and
  7. Enable the Rotator access.


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